What Are The Advantages of Using Django for Web Development?

What Are The Advantages of Using Django for Web Development?

Web developers have to face numerous challenges when developing a website, ranging from the creation of a flexible product to balancing features while maintaining simplicity and control panels, to protecting the security of apps and more. Frameworks can ease a lot of the burden by offering already-designed components. One such framework for web-based applications is Django. It is free, open-source & was designed with front-end developers in mind.

But, Django is a comprehensive framework with all the necessary features. Let’s take a look at the ways this server-side framework with its vast collection of modules, will be useful in your endeavor.

Advantages of Django Framework in Web Application Development

Here are a few of the reasons to consider why Django is the most popular option for web app development.

1. Easy to Understand

Django’s documentation is outstanding. It was launched with excellent documentation and is currently maintained exactly the same way that makes it easy to use. One of the primary reasons for Django being created is to help you understand the process of development. It covers the basics and allows you to focus on the specifics that you want to accomplish with your program.

2. Community Support

Django is supported by an extensive and extremely knowledgeable community of developers that know everything about Django and are always there to assist. Being part of a large community comes with advantages of its own.

This makes finding solutions to issues much simpler as it is likely that the issue you’re facing is actually a concern for others and likely has an answer for it on one or other forums. The community is quick to respond to questions and fix bugs of their fellow developers.

3. DevOps Compatibility

DevOps is the mix of the philosophies, tools and practices that improve the capacity of an organization to offer applications and services at a rapid speed. It transforms and updates products faster than those who employ conventional software processes for infrastructure management and development.

Integrating DevOps into Django is a great idea as it helps fix problems faster with an improved operational support. The continuous delivery approach is used to boost the effectiveness that the software can provide.

4. REST Framework

REST stands for Representational State Transfer Framework that is a well-known toolkit to create web APIs. This is a major advantage of Django since it’s strong enough to create a fully-fledged API in only one or two lines. Another advantage is that it is incredibly versatile. This means that data is not restricted to any particular protocol, and can be returned in a variety of formats and handle various types of calls.

5. Backward-Compatible

Django provides the capability of working with earlier versions and making use of earlier formats, features and models. Furthermore, it includes comprehensive guides that take you through the entire information that you may require about the latest developments and changes in Django.

6. DRY & KISS compliant

Django is a firm believer of the KISS principle that is “Keep it Simple and Short”. In Django, it is simply that code has to be short, easy to read, & must not be more than 40-50 lines. In the same way, “DRY” means “Don’t Repeat Yourself”, meaning that patterns in software that happen often are replaced by abstractions.

This way, problems that arise from the code and repetitions can be eliminated. Furthermore, reusing code can simplify the development process & cut the production time.

7. Infrastructure

Django is a completely independent and complete set within itself. This means it doesn’t need an external solution. It’s everything it needs, starting from an ORM to an internet server. This allows it to work with different databases and change the databases accordingly.

8. Updated & Secure

Django is continuously maintained to a higher standard, based on the most current trends for web app development and security. It certainly addresses the question “Is Django useful for web application development?” Security is a top priority on any list of things to do. Django is usually upgraded with security updates and, no matter if you’re using an older version of the software, its security is exactly the same as the latest one. This shouldn’t be a surprise since Django comes with the LTS (Long-term Support) variant.

9. Suitable for Any Project

In contrast to C# for Java, Django isn’t a business-oriented solution for business. It is nevertheless suitable for any kind of project regardless of the size. A Django application could be a social media app that is incredibly popular and carries large quantities of data. It also could be a basic web app to manage logbooks.

It is capable of building anything since it includes everything necessary to build any type of web app. In addition, Django is cross-platform and is compatible with the vast majority of databases, which makes it extremely versatile.

Last Words                    

Django lets web developers find the optimal balance between the performance, development effort as well as architecture, scalability & security. With its simple-to-learn, flexible, and extremely adaptable design language templates, you can quickly create secure and reliable websites that have a simple and efficient design. This makes it ideal for smaller-scale projects & projects that require complex technology or functions or need to handle massive amounts of content or user interactions, and large volumes of content.

Additionally, Python has substantial libraries which make it easy to understand, implement, and then adopt. Therefore, if you’ll need to use Python specifically for web application development & design, then the Django framework is sure to come in handy.

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