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SEO Consultancy Services in india

Are you seeking help with your search engine optimization efforts?. With SERP Sci SEO Consultancy Services in India, you will get a custom strategy for improving your search rankings, leads, sales, and revenue. 

An efficient and professional SEO Consultancy Services in India is the key factor to help you derive targeted search engine traffic and grow your company. Our SEO Consulting includes everything an organization needs to gain a better understanding of where they stand currently, where they can go, and how they get there. 

Why should choose SERP Sci as your SEO Consultancy Services in India?

When you approach professional SEO Consultancy like SERP Sci, you will get:

Dedicated Project Manager

Our dedicated team of SEO consultants and project managers create amazing strategies suitable for your requirement to ensure the sustainable growth of your business. They provide a bunch of benefits like technical SEO, Google Penalty Recovery, content strategy, and so on.

Data-Driven Approach

Our SEO Consultancy Services in India uses data-driven techniques to address all the issues of your website. And then gives you unique and innovative solutions best fitted for solving those issues.

We Increase Your Revenue

With our expertise in digital marketing, we can successfully drive organic traffic to your website and enhance the users’ browsing experience. As a result, your company will generate increased revenue and sales.

SERP Sci SEO Consultancy Includes

The SEO Consultancy at SERP Sci is a one-stop destination for a comprehensive list of facilities for your project. These include:

1. Detailed Website Audit

  • SERP Sci provides meticulously planned SEO audit. 
  • Our audit include a technical SEO pointer checklist for your website. Factors such website architecture, web page code, URL structure, page load time, sitemaps and robots.txt file and so on.

2. Competitor Analysis

  • It is very much necessary to study the SEO practices used by the competitors in your industry.
  • Our SEO consultants look into the keywords your competitors are targeting, and analyse their techniques. 

3. Keyword Optimization

  • SERP Sci offers the best SEO Consultancy Services in India when it comes to performing keyword research and keyword optimization for your website.
  • Our team of experts have helped clients rank on first page.

4. On Page SEO Optimization

  • We will helps you in keyword density, missing title and meta tags, usage of header tags, proper image tags, URL structure, and the parameters being followed, etc.
  • We will also check for any canonical and redirects, and analyse structured data. We will check duplicate content and provide strategy to increase the CTR.

5. Content Strategy

  • Our team Optimize the content on your website in such a way that it appears on the featured snippets on the Google SERPs.
  • We work hard to ensure that your website gets its customized content strategy depending on your potential target audience. 

6. UI/UX Recommendation

  • User experience is one of the most important factor affecting your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages.
  • We review and analyse UI/UX on your website. Our team look at the user bounce rates and the average time spent by users on your site. Also, recommendations to improve user experience on your site provided.

7. Backlink Audit

  • SERP Sci SEO Consultancy include thorough backlink audits to avoid any penalties from Google.
  • We will helps you to recover from Google Panda and Penguin updates which penalizes websites for low-quality backlinks.
  • SERP Sci ensure that your website has backlinks from the relevant authoritative websites.

8. Detailed Reporting

  • We, at SERP Sci, extend our to provide a detailed and transparent report of your website’s performance post our SEO campaign.
  • Our team constantly monitor and keep the client updated with the progress..

Start working with our SEO Consultancy Services today!

With an SEO Consultation from SERP Sci, your business can receive in-depth and data-backed advice for improving your SEO strategy. Request a free quote online and get in touch with us from below.

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