Information of Google Driving Simulator

Information of Google Driving Simulator

Technology has reached peaks and always has to offer something or the other. Driving simulator is one of them. Driving simulator is a technology which allows us to drive cars and vehicles technically, I mean on a computer based platform, Not physically but virtually.

What Are Driving Simulators?

Driving simulators are used for educational as well as entertainment purposes. They are used for training drivers education provided by the educational institutions. Private businesses also use driving simulators for training purposes. Medical research labs use these simulators for human driving observations.

Now how is that possible?. Medical research is always in a hunt of human behaviors in certain situations, one of them is while driving. Research labs or medical fields use these simulators for observation of certain human activities while driving. These simulators are also used by automobile industries. They observe the performance and certain other factors of the car, monitor the factors and after examining all the aspects they check whether or not to elevate the car. 

Automobile industries are growing at an amazing rate lately. We humans are always in search of new features that make driving easier as well as fuss free. These industries use driving simulators and evaluate new vehicles or driving systems to find whether or not to introduce them into the industry. Simulators are the most used for entertainment purposes. Teens now-a-days are always in search of amazingly graphicised driving simulators to make the experience feel more lively. Driving simulators sometimes have a limited path or sometimes can be world wide. Google driving is one of the easiest simulators which allows the driver to drive virtually and gives a profound experience. 

What is Google Driving Simulator?

Google maps is a web mapping platform which provides a satellite image for each and every place on the earth. It is one of the most used apps because of its features like Aerial photography, street maps, traffic control signals, panoramic views and what not! It also provides in detail information about all the geographical regions all around the globe.

Now what if I told you that you can travel to every corner of our globe virtually?. Have you ever thought of going all over the globe and exploring each and every city?. I Am sure everyone has. As such going everywhere physically doesn’t really seem possible or is pretty much expensive isn’t it?. So what can be done?. 

In such situations Google driving simulator comes to the rescue!. Google driving simulator allows the user to explore any I mean ANY place in the entire world just the difference being that it’s virtual. Everyone enjoys exploring new places in games fiction full games like San Andreas or grand auto theft Google driving simulator is just like that! It makes the whole world this fictional place to enable the users to drive wherever they want. A Japan based web developer enables us to simulate a journey with great experience anywhere around the world. Google driving simulator is a 2D simulator which works on the images pulled together by Google maps. This Simulator gives us the ability to drive. Google has also launched Earth flight simulator which uses Google earth satellite images for a more realistic and amazing experience.

The program got updated in 2021 and now has features like Bus stops, turn signals,etc. It gives us an option of selecting any location from a specific address. Google maps simulator has no obstructions or objects or any other cars it just works on the basic data of google maps. Google maps simulator also allows us to enter certain commands through keyboard while driving through roadways. Google driving Simulator also offers at most convenience by working on any browser. 

How To Use Google Driving Simulator?

Google Earth driving simulator is relatively easy to use and we could get behind it easily! Steps to use Google driving simulator:

  1. Go to the URL –
  2. Click on the start button(you can also download the extension).
  3. select the location as well as your choice of vehicle.
  4. Use the control buttons(arrow keys on the keyboard) to control the steering wheel.


All in all Google driving simulator is an amazing platform by Google which has its uses in all the prospects whether it is entertaining purpose or educational purpose it fulfills itself in every frame. It is also convenient to use as it can be operated easily with either commands or keyboard. Concluding we can say that Google driving simulator is a reliable and easy to use platform for each and everyone.

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