10 Best Email Marketing Examples to Idealize in 2022

10 Best Email Marketing Examples to Idealize in 2022

In terms of email trends, another year has come to a close, and you already know what that means. Not only would readers expect to see new preferences and trends, but they will also expect to see new technology and email capabilities. With more people joining up for company emails and newsletters in 2022, sticking out will need more than a few techniques.

From world-class wording to an eye-catching design, we’ve selected the10 best email marketing examples we’ve seen to inspire your future email campaigns. Incrementors email marketing is the best way to grow your business.

1. Klarna

Because consumers’ inboxes are overloaded with so many emails, they prefer short and to-the-point messages. This email from Klarna is an example of what I’m referring to. They wisely chose not to include any additional features or lengthy content in this promotional email in order to avoid confusing or distracting their users.

To market their offer, they employed a familiar visual and simple, concise prose content. A CTA button directly beneath that encourages users to make whatever purchase they desire over the holiday season and pay afterward. It’s simple, yet it’s effective. This one should surely inspire you to write email introductions.

2. Remarkable

The reMarkable marketing team demonstrated how a single image can convey a thousand words. To promote their next-generation paper tablet, remarkable sent out a promotional email.

In this email, they showed a tablet that was so thin it didn’t even touch the textual material. They’ve also included aspects that set their tablet apart from the competition. They didn’t say much about their products because the image was enough to pique their audience’s curiosity.

They stated in their email that what they are delivering is unique and that their readers will benefit much from it.

3. Peel

In the realm of marketing, a little mystery may work wonders. PEEL is fully aware of the psychological traps used in emails. We liked how they used this email design to display just a taste of their new collection, followed by an eye-catching CTA button that exposed their new collection.

The curiosity gap is a well-known and effective tactic that you should use in your advertising. Take notes from this email on how to pique your readers’ interest with your email’s content. This email features a single-column layout that’s ideal for marketing a new product.

4. Uber

Uber’s email campaign is basic but elegant. Uber’s mailings are simply outstanding because they come right to the point. The language they use is usually short and crisp, with a clear call to action, which is ideal for subscribers who don’t have much time and only skim the message.

 There is always a link to follow for those who wish to learn more. Uber sends out to the customer’s display fantastic maps of your journeys, complete with a comprehensive route map.

5. Arlo

We appreciate it when brands create campaign-themed promotional emails since it shows that the email is unique and customized for a specific event or holiday. The same may be said for Arlo’s.

To express the essence of the fall season, their design incorporates a brown background with orange leaves. They placed a large CTA button right at the top of the page, along with a limited-time offer, to convince readers to take action.

Furthermore, they stated the items that are on sale to attract the attention of their users. Another fantastic attempt to persuade the reader to purchase something.

6. Miro

We would give Miro an award for conveying just the correct amount of information without trying too hard.

This was an initial email issued to subscribers to explain what Miro is and how it works. They employed their brand colors in their design and highlighted key features with appropriate symbols.

7. Zapier

This Zapier email is perfect for instilling FOMO in its receivers. The email’s objective is to promote a limited-time offer. They did this by inserting a countdown timer in the email and producing a catchy headline to emphasize that the offer is only valid for a limited time.

Another outstanding component of their email was that they were savvy enough to highlight the four benefits of upgrading. It might persuade readers to sign up for Zapier’s subscription plan right away.

8. Ritual

It would be impolite not to mention that whoever planned this campaign was a genius. With its brilliant yellow color and an image of a hesitant hand trying the pills, this email immediately draws attention. A sentence that all of their clients can relate to is placed beneath this engaging image.

The icing on the cake is their promotional offer to get consumers to purchase the pills, which is followed by a bright CTA button.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox has a fantastic way of re-engaging users. You could think that emails from services that people haven’t utilized aren’t welcome. Dropbox, on the other hand, debunks this theory. Dropbox informs users of its existence in a non-intrusive manner, with a few cute photographs and a short and pleasant message.

You might wish to incorporate a ‘limited-time offer’ in this form of email marketing to persuade consumers to download or install your program

10. Unlayer

We may be a little prejudiced in this section, but it’s only because we want the best for you.

Unlayer sent out a spooky-looking holiday email to all of its users on Halloween. This email included a Halloween-themed blog, Halloween templates from Unlayer, and cute GIFs.

This design appeals to us because of the fantastic color scheme, which includes a dark backdrop and a contrasting hue for the printed information. The photos and CTA button in an email stand out against the background perfectly.

It’s a visually beautiful design that you can use as inspiration.

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