Full Information of Google Word Coach Vocabulary Game

Full Information of Google Word Coach Vocabulary Game

Google Word Coach is an addition by Google to its search system. It is basically a fun mini game which can really develop good vocabulary skills among newbies. It’s easy to play and very productive too. You don’t need any special device to play it as it is such a simple game. Whenever you feel bored you can play it anytime. Google never hesitates to give something unique and fun to try. So today in this article, we will be talking about something called Google Word Coach. What it does is that it provides you with some kind of questions to test your vocabulary and over this course, you will be able to improve your vocabulary.

If you are in the beginning level, for instance, if we type a word. Let’s start with the word ‘fight’ and then the meaning. So that is we want to know what I mean we want to know the meaning of the word fight so what happens is that it will be provided with the meaning of the word fight but at the same time it will also be provided with something called word coach, this is a new feature which has been introduced recently by Google so what it does is that it will show you lot of questions related to the word you have searched, you can witness lots of questions here. You will come across questions like which word is similar to ‘fight’. So obviously ‘brawl’ will be the correct one and when you choose it then this will appear.

So this question pattern continues up to five questions so the next question is what’s shown in the image is ‘File’ so obviously the correct one will be ‘Column’ so it will help you in improving your vocabulary and increasing the accuracy of using words. For each question you will guess right, you will score 120 points just like playing a game. This will continue till the fifth question.

If you were in the beginning level and now you are in the advanced or intermediate level this is of no use to you. But it is definitely best for the newbies. We will use this feature to increase and expand our vocabulary and improve our English skills.

How To Open and Find Google Word Coach?

Open Google and write the desired word with meaning written along with it. For example: “Fight Meaning” like this you have to search. After you find the meaning of the word you can scroll down and find Word coach easily.

How To Play Google Word Coach?

When you find google word coach, you may experience questions similar to the content. There will be a total of five questions which will appear one by one after completing the former one. Each question will have two options from which you have to of course select one. Every question carries 120 marks. So as there is a total of five questions carrying 120 marks each it will total 600 marks so 120×5=600. The total one set of games will be of 600 marks. These questions will be either simple text-based or else it will be image-based. There is also an option of Skip if you don’t want to attempt the question, you can skip it too. When you click to skip it will show the correct and wrong options and skip to the next question.

So after completing the game it will show the results screen at the end which will mention your score and the question you have guessed correctly.

So this is how the set of Word Coach games will end.

Whenever you feel bored you can just open up google, search any word and play Google word Coach anytime. This is very good for beginners who want to improve their vocabulary skills. Once you have finished all five questions it doesn’t mean the game is over. At the final screen or the score sheet screen you can also find an option called ‘Next Round’ by clicking on it you can again play the next round of the game, But don’t worry the best part is that if you have scored 600 out of 600 then if you play next round, you will continue from 600 not, from Zero which is one best part about Google word coach. So finally we can conclude by saying that it is a great activity or game for beginners and as it is unlimited you can explore a lot more words and play more and more.

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