Everything You Need to Know About Google Gravity

Everything You Need to Know About Google Gravity

Google is one of the most used search engines widely used by people all over the world. Many people don’t have any idea how cleverly employees working in Google hide tactics just to make the interface mesmerising. 

What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity was introduced by Mr Doob. Google’s creative team of IT based on JavaScript code built the functionality of Google Gravity. The search page of Google Gravity is quite worth seeing and with the help of a mouse a person can move their Google home screen and observe various things like search bar etc. This is just to draw people’s attention to the visit page.

There are many Google Gravity tricks a person must know. Some of them are:

1. Google Zero Gravity

Everything here looks just opposite from Google. As a person will notice a search box and there they can see results are automatically reserved. Words which show there are also printed backwards.

2. Google Anti Gravity 

It is one of the most used and best Google tricks. Google Home Screen is floating on the desktop and when a person moves each of the Google buttons. It is enjoyable and makes the home page quite beautiful.

3. Google Gravity Underwater

As the word Underwater means aquatic life, this is also like that. It transforms the desktop screen into an aquatic life, both unknown and undiscovered. The contents of the web page continue to float around on the screen in an ad hoc manner.

4. Google Sphere 

It is a distinct way of displaying the search query. As the name itself suggests that everything would be in a sphere. It is quite tough and tricky as everything would be in spheres and is quite difficult to search as the whole screen revolves. But once you try you’ll feel good.

5. Google Rainbow

Rainbow means colourful and this provides a unique way to both desktop and a person. Colours blink automatically when you turn it on after every letter. It feels like an animation.

6. Google Snake Game

It is quite the same as the normal snake games which were earlier played on phones. It is one of the best timepass games a person can ever play. To play this game a person you’ll need to use four arrow directions.

7. Google Guitar

This is one of the best, especially for those who love to play Guitar. Google itself delivers precise match string notes to play. Some of the priceses Google offers are happy birthday, Harry Potter etc. and a person can play guitar on these notches.

8. Google Pacman

It is one of the best games a person can ever play without any difficulty. In this game a person should be Pacman and must consume all the balls avoiding monsters. It is around 20 years old and is still the most played game on Google.

9. Google Terminal

It is based on technological options and a person will recall the memories of MS DOS era. It Is very simple yet tricky and only a person should have to use keyboard letters to play this game. You can’t take your gaze away from it, even though it appears to be retrogressive in style. It takes a few moments for the layout to load, and when it does, it’s very simple to use.

10. Google Do A Barrel Roll

A barrel roll is a basic method that provides the web page with a quick spin in a single motion. If you play this game then just simply type “do a barrel roll” into your browser and press the enter key. When the results are displayed, you will notice a barrel roll on the page, which is visually appealing. Your screen will begin to rotate in a circle. It’s fantastic, so give it a shot. 


Although there are numerous Google Gravity tricks that are a lot of fun to try, and some of them were written above. Using all these, a person can feel at ease and mesmerised. Try this once and you’ll love it.

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