What are the Best Mail API Tools?

What are the Best Mail API Tools?

An Mail is a professional tool for communication. As Mail is known as the cheapest source of communication, it does not provide you with valuable stats and analytics. The primary function of these tools is to advertise products on various platforms in order to get more engagement. Many organizations take leverage to conduct advertising activities. Besides these tools, different Mail marketing apps are available for performing distinct tasks.

When you are Mailing in large numbers and want to communicate your message regularly, it becomes difficult to track every single Mail. Sometimes you cannot recognize the spam mails and waste your precious time on them.

There are various tools available for the best Mail tracking. So, various helpful Mail API tools can easily integrate with your Mail and automate your Mail operations. Moreover, these tools proved beneficial in better setting Mail accounts in an optimized way. Such tools also show the updated stats and help the users to validate. 

Following are the two different types of Mail such as:

  • Transactional Mails
  • Marketing Mails

Transactional Mails:

Transactional Mails is the automated notification that provides information about the bank account. This type of Mail offers only limited data for the recipients according to their wishes or requirements. It includes account formation Mails, cash-in, cash-out notices, and acquisition receipts.

Marketing Mails:

Marketing Mails are proven helpful in marketing the product and give data regarding the desired outcomes of customers. It is allowed to attain the interest, convert, and remember the customers for the product promotion.

The followings are the best API based Mail tools:

  1. SendGrid API
  2. ZeroBounce API
  3. MailGun API
  4. TempMail API
  5. DeBounce Mail Verification API
  6. Mail Verifier API
  7. FapiMail API
  8. Mail Finder-based API
  9. Interzoid Get Mail Information API
  10. Easy Mail Validation API 

SendGrid API:

SendGrid API is an API based tool used for transferring, following, and authenticating Mails. The API tool includes transactions and advertising types of Mail with advanced automation API technology. This tool is not entirely free, and user has to pay a significant amount depending on the number of Mails forwarded.


It is used mainly by the designers to improve the transactional Mail abilities, counting the weekly statics of cash-in and cash-out on display. The user can also get the mail for resting the password of the application and offer the cash details mails from the bank.

ZeroBounce API:

ZeroBounce API is the tool for Mail authentication and is used as the promotion mail for generating the maximum ROI value. By using this Mail validating tool, the user can easily remove the illegal Mail report from the advertising Mail angle and also uses a unique tool to avoid Mail bounces simultaneously. 

MailGun API:

MailGun API is a transaction Mail amenity providing a platform for the developers to track the mail, receive, send, confirmation, and many other capabilities of Mail. This tool is not entirely free to use. The user has to pay a significant amount.

TempMail API:

TempMail-based API tool that is allowed to generate momentary mailing reports. The API tool is the superlative to disclose your personal information while providing multiple Mail addresses for advertising your product according to your requirements. 

DeBounce Mail Verification API:

DeBounce Mail Verification API is the Mail validation tool that includes the JSONS data and maintains the HTTP methods. This Mail validation tool includes DNS validation, sensing disposable addresses, detecting misspelled domains, verifying syntaxes, detecting gray lists, and many others. 

Mail Verifier:

Mail Verifier is the best API tool used to check spam Mails through the SMTP tool for studying the Mail. This Mail verifier tool also checks out the format of Mail, domain record, targeted mail server, and the user’s existence. 


FapiMail is a most straightforward based API tool for transferring Mails and also enables the users to create the JSON with the From, To, Memo and body for transfer the Mail to any specific person or group. This tool is not entirely free to use, and the worker must pay a significant amount based on several Mails. 

Mail Finder-based API:

Mail finder-based API is the Mail validation tool that includes the JSONS data and maintains the HTTP methods. This Mail validation tool includes DNS validation, detecting disposable addresses, detecting misspelled domains, verifying syntaxes, detecting gray lists, and many others.

Interzoid Get Mail Information API:

Interzoid Get Mail Information API is the Mail validation tool used to get valuable information from any Mail address. This tool’s general information includes whether this address is governmental, educational, organizational, spam, generic, or others.  

Easy Mail Validation API: 

Easy Mail Validation API is the tool used for quick and easy validation of Mail addresses. The API checks made by this tool include MX Record, valid Email formats, and disposable Mail addresses like the DeBounce Mail Verification API. 



Many discussed above, the Best Mail API Tools are available in the online market. These mentioned above Mail API tools are used to increase the ROI. Many tools are available, but the best one discussed is SendGrid API, which is used for sending, tracking, and validating Mails.

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